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Keeping in mind the vision and the mission of the school, various co-curricular and extra- curricular activities were organised for the students during the year 2019-2020. These activities gave them ample opportunities to widen their knowledge and enhanced their skills. Indeed these were an eye opener for them to discover themselves and to explore avenues so that they excel in their future. They were encouraged to exercise constitutional values every day and to promote ecological harmony. Outreach programmes gave a thrust to inculcate values like respect for elders, lonely and rejected in the society. They learnt to share with the deprived ones what they have and became more committed to serve the differently abled persons of the nation.

Apart from textual learning, the school organised annual day, sports day, exhibition of art, craft & science, competitions like debate, quiz, solo singing, poem recitation, drama, dance, elocution, floor art and drawing, also every religious and national festivals. We ensure every student participate in at least two competitions in the year apart from annual cultural and sports. We believe our vision of integral formation of students who build a harmonious and humane society will come true as they venture into the realities of life.

We wish our students all the very best and God’s abundant blessings!!!

Good Shepherd celebrate the Golden Jubilee of our Foundation

Blessed Years in the Service of the poor, the abandoned and Marginalized

“O Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His loving kindness is everlasting.” Chronicles 16: 34

As we the Sisters of the Good Shepherd celebrate the Golden Jubilee of our Foundation in Four Bungalows, Andheri (West), we would like to take you on a journey of our congregational history, our presence in India, our beginnings and developments of Good Shepherd ministries in Mumbai.

The Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, commonly known as Sisters of the Good Shepherd was founded in 1835 by Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier in Angers, France. As religious women, called to a mission of reconciliation, the Sisters of Good Shepherd express the charism of merciful love to uphold the worth and dignity of humanity . Today, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd are in over 74 countries around the world. In India since 1854, the sisters of the Good Shepherd continue the charism of Reconciliation through various ministries, preventing, protecting, and rehabilitating the vulnerable ones of society. Through prayer, witness and service, the Mission has expanded.

Good Shepherd Mission Partners comprising of staff, alumni, volunteers, benefactors, friends and our families, mutually share, support and develop the mission taking greater responsibilities to continue the Good Shepherd Mission

In November 2013, two Provinces were created in India – South West India Province consisting of Karnataka, Kerala and Delhi headquartered at Bangalore and Central East India/Nepal Province comprising 9 states of India including Nepal with its headquarters at Nagpur.

The Archbishop of Bombay Cardinal Valerian Gracious met our Provincial Superior Sr. Francis Xavier and invited the Sisters to open a house in his Archdiocese. In 1964 the sisters started their work in Chembur. Since we needed a larger area of land to build a convent, School and a hostel we purchased a plot of land in Four Bungalows, Andheri (West) and shifted here in 1968. We started a school and a hostel for low income working girls. In 1971 the school was closed down since there was another school in the same locality. In 1985 the parish Church was built on the land given by Sisters of the Good Shepherd and was named as the “Good Shepherd Church’.

Our centre in Andheri (west) caters to the needs of domestic workers and slum dwellers. We are also engaged in various ministries such as a hostel for young working women of the low income group, Crisis Intervention Centre for women in distress and victims of domestic violence, Non formal education for women from the neighbouring slums, Life skill and livelihood training for adolescent girls and young women, sponsorship programme for deserving migrant children and empowerment programme for Catholic domestic workers.

Our centre in Andheri (west) caters to the needs of domestic workers and slum dwellers. We are also engaged in various ministries such as a hostel for young working women of the low income group, Crisis Intervention Centre for women in distress and victims of domestic violence, Non formal education for women from the neighbouring slums, Life skill and livelihood training for adolescent girls and young women, sponsorship programme for deserving migrant children and empowerment programme for Catholic domestic workers.

In 1992 we started a centre in Karjat to work among the Katkari tribals and in the year 1993 in Virar to work with the Varli tribals . We also have a centre in Bhiwandi which helps to rescue women engaged in commercial sex. We also run a day and night shelter for children of the sex workers in Virar as well as in Bhiwandi. In 2006 we started a centre in Goa to work with the migrants and against human trafficking.

As we thank Almighty God for His powerful support and blessing I take this golden opportunity to thank our pioneering sisters, staff and lay mission partners who have helped us to come this far to serve thousands of people through our four centres. If you have been touched by our relentless, restorative work, do help us generously to reach across to many more who need a healing touch. May Our Shepherd God continue to shower His choicest blessings on all of us. May the life and work of our Foundress touch the hearts of many and inspire them with compassion and Zeal to work for the salvation of souls.

Thank You.


What better way to celebrate our favourite day than sharing the voices and photos of women we are lucky to know, admire and support. Now more than ever as we face new challenges and threats, women are resisting rollbacks and raising their voices to get loud for human rights.

We began the International women’s day celebrations with the quote of Aung San SuuKyi “You should never let your fears prevent you from doing what you know is right”. This year International Women’s Day celebrations were very special. The topic was Anti HUMAN TRAFFICKING’”. The Resource person for the day was Mr.Damodhar Danaik. He was from MY HOME INDIA, an NGO who rescues street children and places them with their families. He shared his own experiences and showed clippings how the girls are lured into the trade. He also gave an example of how children are kidnapped from the school. The women were apt and they seemed to be shocked of what they were hearing.

Then we had a play by Hinduja College of Nursing students on the same topic, how the girls and women are facing various problems.
BruhanHatya – killing the child in the womb
Chedchad - Eve teasing.
bhedbhav = Discrimination - Inequality
Manavtaskaru - human trafficking
Apharan - Kidnapping

Create a safe environment for women
Gender equality
Educate the girl child
Dilase Also domestic violence, sexual, physical, emotional abuse.

The Women from the Jagruti group of the Project CHALICE sang a beautiful and meaningful song namely “Komalhai, kamzornehitu” “You are a softperson, but you are not weak. “ They sang very beautifully. All the 20 members were presented with a gift for their regular attendance for group meetings, update records and book keeping etc.

As the token of appreciation for all women, the Himalyan Product company, congratulated our women gifted them with their products of cream, oil and powder. The women thanked everyone and appreciated and wished each other

International women's Day Programme on 8th march MUMBAI

Theme : Women in the changing Word of Work

The International Women's Day on March 8th was celebrated in Good Shepherd Convent, Andheri, Mumbai making the women feel special in life. Sr. Pushpa welcomed all women encouraging them to achieve their equal status and fight against all odds. Sr. Mariam, Provincial Councilor was the chief guest for the programme and she thanked the Rotary Club Green city Mumbai, Vedanta foundation, the ALM of N. Dutta Marg, and the Lay Mission Partners for supporting the sisters in spreading the values of the "Good Shepherd" and prayed for God's blessings on them. She specially pointed out that "Women should not oppress women" but on the contrary empower and encourage each other.

The cultural programme included an awareness song on women sung by women under the guidance of talented and renowned musician Manohar Iyer. A team of young nursing students from Hinduja Nursing College, Mumbai staged two very impressive and humorous role plays strongly bringing out gender equality in place of work, how women are great multi-taskers and importance of education. The life of Savitribai Phule (wife of Jyotibha Phule) was also briefly enacted showing her pursuance in studies in spite of an early marriage.

The TP sisters who were present for the annual gathering put up a small skit on the importance of cultivating saving habit. St. Monica the Catholic domestic workers group performed a rhythmic tribal dance to the beats of a drum.

Thereafter Mr. Freddy Fernandes from an Insurance Company briefly enlighted the women on the importance of mediclaim.

Certificates were awarded to 32 students who had successfully completed the basic Computer course which was recently introduced. Some of the students came forward and shared their experiences.

The programme ended with the vote of thanks and every one joyfully singing together "Hum Honge Kamiya (We shall overcome). This was followed by a fellowship lunch.

• Skill development Centre
• Supplementary education for School going children
• Play School for migrants children
• Formal School for Tribals, children of women engaged in prostitution and OBC children
• Sponsorship programme for deserving poor children
• Community Development Programme
• Income Generating activities
• Empowerment programmes for women and girls
• Rescue and rehabilitation of women engaged in prostitution
• Legal awareness and Legal Aid
• Advocacy and lobbying against Human Trafficking
• Domestic Workers
• Home for children at high risk and Tribal children
• Low income working hostel for young girls
• Health awareness Programmes and Health check ups

Lifting the Slum Dwellers
Relentlessly the Sisters carry on against all odds. In Mumbai 70% of the population live in slums. Slum dwellers in the areas where the sisters work are aware that the cleanliness and hygiene they now have is because of the work of the Sisters, even as their women and children are being helped onto their feet. More than 5500 families have been benefited.
The domestic worker in Andheri a feeling of family for the arms around the shoulders they continuously feel. Crisis Intervention Centre handles cases of domestic violence by offering counselling and shelter with the goal of rehabilitating women who undergo such crisis and helping them lead a dignified life.

Sarita Working women’s Hostel
It’s not just another hostel, its real home away from home for low income working girls. The Sisters of the Good Shepherd take care of their social, Psychological and spiritual needs all under the eminent guidance of able warden sisters.

Liberation Through Learning
The eagerness to be equipped, the enthusiasm to learn a new language is there, but it is here in the Convent, that the women find their needs addressed. They sit study and go out of the walls of the convent a little more liberated.

A Stitch in Time
That the sisters teaching these women from the surrounding slums a skill: Teaching them a profession and also helping them learn to save money by stitching their own clothes.
Karjat, where Nature and Teacher work Together!
Nature teaches peace and calm, and Karjat where the school is located has such in abundance, especially to these once battered children.
Here the Good Shepherd Convent School conducts their own classes and local children are admitted. Many of these are tribal, who are first generation school goers. They are quite, but slowly open up with children from Bhiwandi who are just opposite.
And a bonding takes place!
Here in Karjat is also the boarding where the children live together under the supervision of the sisters. There is love here, big do of it and also a sanctuary for these children. But they are also being prepared to start facing the world outside, and under the guidance of their principal, they come out sterling. “But,” says the principal, “there‘s many miles to go before we sleep..!

Lifting them up
The Katkari tribals are one of the three ‘Primitive Tribal Groups’ in Maharashtra, caught in a vicious circle of poverty, debt and bonded labour, working in brick kilns where they are cheated and exploited. The Sisters of the Good Shepherd based in Karjat have started empowering the women by providing education to the children specially girls. Now, with their efforts most families have obtained ration cards, caste certificates, land documents and other important documents. And their economic status has improved greatly.

Hope at Bhiwandi Centre
Enter the town of Bhiwandi, just outside Mumbai, and hear the dispassionate, machine like, precision sound of the power looms, relentlessly making cloth for their business masters. Just across same street, sit hundreds and hundreds of sex workers, waiting for employees to come and enter their beds. And under their bed lie their children.
In the centre of this Red Light Area, is the Good Shepherd Centre where every day, scores of these children come and spend the day, away from the distractions of their mother’s trade. Initially the sisters went from shanty to shanty, cubicle to cubicle for years till they built trust with the mothers, and showed them how important it was for their children to have a normal childhood.
Here the children attend playschool, are taught, and given their meals. The sisters educate the mothers through the children, and slowly but surely the cruel journey from the beneath the bed to the top is stopping, fully, completely. But there’s much left to do...

Annual Report of Good Shepherd Convent (Bombay) Society

Annual Report of Good Shepherd Convent (Bombay) Society
From April 2017 to March 2018


Good Shepherd convent (Bombay) Society has the following units namely Andheri, Virar, Karjat, and Goa. 20 sisters along with 64 staff and lay partners carry out the following ministries like play schools , Good Shepherd convent school, Chalice sponsorship programme, Community development programme for tribal women and children, Prevention of Human Trafficking among children and women at Bhiwandi red light area, Hostel for low income women, crisis Intervention centre, Residential care, Skill development programmes .


  • Crisis Intervention:- The Crisis Intervention Centre has helped 7 girls and women in difficult situations during this year. 2 of them we have sheltered this year. We help these girls and women who are abused physically, mentally, sexually and denied of their basic rights. With the help of effective and committed staff, we help the victims through counseling and restore them back to their families.

  • Anandini outreach programme:- During the year there were 100 children from Std1st to 10th , who came for coaching classes in the morning and evening. This year 6 of them passed the 10th Board Examination. National & local festivals like, Children’s day, Teacher’s day, Republic day, International Women’s day, Diwali, and Christmas were celebrated. Sports, drawing and essay writing competitions were organized for these children.

  • Skill development training for girls and women:- 60 girls and women were trained for tailoring during this year. The duration of the course was three to six months. Exams were conducted and those who passed the exams were given certificates.

  • Two batches of Computer course namely Basic, DTP, Tally, were conducted in collaboration with Rotary club and Vedanda Foundation. 30 of them completed the course. On completion of the exam, certificates were distributed in the presence of Vedanda and Rotary Officials.

  • 17 students completed Spoken English course with the help of Rotary and Lay mission partners

  • Programme for Domestic Workers:- We are in contact with almost 200-300 domestic workers (boys and girls). As a group they have monthly savings and they take loan whenever they need the money. At regular intervals meetings and Heath awareness programmes were organized for them. The spiritual needs are taken care of.

  • Summer camp:- 20 of our children from the slums joined the summer camp organized by the Good Shepherd Church in May 2017.

Community development programme for tribal community :


  • Supplementary classes in the villages:- We have 9 supplementary centers. 315 children come every day to these centers for extra coaching classes. Different subjects are taught with lots of creativity. Children learn the lessons through games, different activities, through clay materials, charts, drawings, etc. Because of the supplementary classes there are fewer dropouts. We have 5 Bal Sansad, where children have saved some money to help other children to buy their educational materials. Other issues of the villages are taken care of by children. Awareness progammes are held wherein children are taken to Government offices, gram panchyat primary health centre etc..

  • Self help groups:- We have 17 SHG groups, out of which 10 groups are actively involved. Women have learned to save and solve their problems. They take inter loan for children’s education, medical help and for some small business.

  • Income generation programmes:-
    Following income generating activities are carried out during the year.

    • Goat rearing
    • Vegetable cultivation
    • Cricket groups
    • Musical groups
    • Tailoring
    • Hiring for Mandap

Some other achievements :

  • 47 families received Ration card and 27 families received yellow ration cards
  • 76 women got the pension facilities
  • 213 Aadar cards
  • 87 Voter ID
  • 79 Caste certificates
  • 184 Income certificates
  • 30 families received Housing schemes

Health check-ups : In all the units we had health check for children and women. A Dental check was conducted for the people in Baradi in collaboration with Faith Works in Panjim on 11th March 2018

  • A primary data was collected on prevalence of sexual exploitation of Women and Children, In &Out Migration in Goa
  • Individual and family counseling


In all three units the children belonging to tribal communities, SC’s, slum children and Catholic children are helped in their education, nutrition and health. Total children sponsored under this programme are 150*140*60=350. Sibling’s education, medical needs of the family are also taken care

Activities conducted during this year under Chalice programme:

  • Children’s meet
  • Health check-ups
  • Awareness on health issues, sexual education for adolescent girls & boys
  • Career guidance
  • Christmas programme
  • Training for office bearers
  • Awareness programme for parents

Anti- Human trafficking project at Virar and Bhiwandi

Activities carried out during the year :
  • Early Childhood day care at Bhiwandi : Under early childhood day care, following activities were conducted, which benefited about 35 to 45 children:
    • Distribution of Nutritional Supplements
    • Non-formal education
    • Summer camp
    • Providing clothing and toiletry items.
    • Health Check-up programmes
    • Psycho-social care
    • Celebrations like Diwali, Children’s day, Christmas day, Rakshabandan etc….
    • Sports Day
    • Annual Picnic

  • NIGHT SHELTER : We continue catering to about 30-35 children in our night shelter.

  • Home for adolescent girls and boys of women in prostitution : We have 12 boys and 45 girls have been saved from being trafficked staying in different boardings. The following activities were conducted during the year for the children at Good Shepherd Home virar.
    • Formal Schooling
    • Medical Check-up
    • Celebration of national and religious festivals
    • Distribution of clothing, toiletry and sanitary items
    • Annual sports day and Talent days
    • Psycho social care

    Number of children in different boarding :
    • Good Shepherd Home Virar - 25
    • Good Shepherd Home Karjat - 10
    • Bala Vihar, Andheri - 4
    • Goa - 1
    • Good Shepherd Convent Bellary - 2
    • Bhiwandi Drop in Centre - 76


Psycho Social Care : Weekly individual and group counseling at Virar, and Bhiwandi centers for all the children.
Activities carried out under Psycho Social Care:

  • Life skill training,
  • Karate Classes,
  • Children’s Parliament,
  • Helping to identify and to develop their skills and talents.
Glad to see the growth of children speaking confidently, facing different people who come in contact with them, actively participating in school competitions and the programmes organized in the shelter home. The children have developed self-esteem and seem contented to live such active and vibrant lives.


One of our main objectives is to rescue and rehabilitate women and girls engaged in prostitution.

Following were the activities conducted to achieve these objectives:
  • Awareness Training on Government Scheme,
  • Crisis Intervention,
  • Violence against women and children,
  • Legal aid,
  • Health Awareness programme,
  • HIV/AIDS awareness programme by FPO,
  • General Health Check-up,
  • Special nutritious programme for women with HIV/AIDS.


Under this programme we conducted following activities:
  • Alternative livelihood,
  • Non- formal education
  • Exposure programme
  • Importance and necessity of PAN and Aadhar cards
  • Outings for Women
  • Counseling for women


Exhibition at Vasai:
Net working and liaison with other NGO’s. We work in collaboration with the other NGO’s Like Social Action Forum of Vasai Diocese, Navjeevan, FPA “Justice and care,” “International Justice Mission” and “Rescue Foundation.” These NGO’s help us in rescue work.

Training for Staff

  • Result Base Management in Chennai
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Violence against women and children, and Orientation on our work
  • Capacity Building by Chalice
  • Rights Based Approach by MDO

Networking in Goa

Net working with Centre for Responsible Tourism (CRT) - Good Shepherd sisters in Goa worked with Center for Responsible Tourism (CRT) at its very inception.CRT is a social intervention unit on tourism of Arch-diocese of Goa and Daman. At Present 8 TMGs ( Tourism Monitoring Group) are active in 8 parishes/ Panchayats (Arambol, Anjuna, Vagator, Calangute, Bogmalo, Utorda, Betalbatim and Carmona). Through the TMGs following issues were addressed:

1. Issues related to Water-
2. Issues Related to Children.
3. Garbage.
4. Human Trafficking
5. Advocacy and lobbing –

We collaborated with CRT for all above programmes

International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day was celebrated on 8th March 2018 in all the four units. About 600 women participated in the programme. The programme comprised of a talk on women’s rights, entertainment and games. The chief guest asserted that women need to overcome their fears and stand up for their rights, look for solutions and seek help when required. The last part of the programme was fun and frolic. A few games were conducted, where the young and old participated and enjoyed thoroughly.


Good Shepherd Home - Karjat
This home caters to the tribal children from the far away villages who do not have any facilities to continue their education. We had 36 children in our boarding during the last year. We had children from the age group of 5-17 who went to a formal school. We had 27 children going to Good shepherd Convent School and 9 children went to Marathi medium school.

Some of the activities carried out during the year:

  • Formal education for all
  • Regular Coaching Classes
  • Prayer , yoga and meditations
  • Life skill trainings on different topics like Value Based Classes, Child Rights, Educational competency test,
  • Group and Personal Couselling once a week
  • Competitions on different topics every Sunday- like speech, dance, drawing, sports, Role Play etc...
  • Recreations and picnic
  • Celebrations- children’s day, Christmas, Diwali and all other festivals
  • Health check-up twice a year
  • Personal accompaniment for the children by the sisters
  • Parents meeting every three months

Sarita Hostel
Number of hostel girls: 35-45

Hostel day celebration
Regular meetings
Christmas celebration

Shelter Home – Virar
No. Of Children- 25( report given above )


Good Shepherd Convent School Karjat tries to arrive at the words of St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier our Foundress on her understanding of education that “it is to develop to the fullest all that is best in the human personality psychologically, physically, intellectually, socially, aesthetically and spiritually” keeping in mind her favorite maxim that we should form strong characters of high principles grounded in truth.

Along with Academics activities the school gives ample opportunities to co-curricular and extra - curricular activities and organizes various events involving every student keeping in mind the motto of St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier ‘one person is more important than the whole world.’

No.of children: 745

No. of staff: 35

Activities conducted during the year.

• Regular classes
• Unit tests
• Semester Exams
• Value Education
• Open days
• Field Trips
• Picnics
• Exhibition
• Social Services
• Scholarship Exams
• Elementary & Intermediate Exams

• Rangoli Competitions
• Handwriting competitions
• Drawing competitions
• Inter house competitions(Poem recitation (English, Marathi & Hindi) Dance, Quiz & Drama)
• Inter school competitions in sports, Essay writings & drawings

• All forms of dances
• Teakwando (karate)
• Khokho
• Football
• Athletics
• Band

• St. Mary Euphrasia’s birthday
• Independence day
• Teachers’ day
• Deepawali
• Children’s’ day
• Annual Day
• Sports Day
• Christmas
• Republic day
• Xth std Farewell celebration


Teachers Seminar
Parents’ Seminar
Students & Parents’ seminar
Staff Picnic

Through the above mentioned activities the students are motivated to unfold their hidden potentials and thus become productive citizens of our country.

Good Shepherd Kids Play School Goa :
Total no. of Children: 15
No. of staff: 2

Play school – Virar
No. of Children- 17
No. of Staff- 3

Main Events held during 2017-18
• Teacher’s day
• Independence day celebration
• Diwali
• Children’s day
• Health camp organized for children
• Republic Day
• Study tour
• Annual Day celebration and prize distribution


Activities :
1. Catechism on Sundays
2. Preparing children for first Holy Communion and Confirmation
3. Animation of altar servers
4. Participation in the Parish Pastoral council
5. Distribution of Communion to the sick and home bound
6. Family visits.
7. Monthly Mass for catholic Migrants
8. Attending BCC meetings.

We thank the Almighty for His guidance and protection throughout this year to continue the mission entrusted to us. We are grateful to mission partners, generous donors, whose help enabled us to give a new life to many of our children and women, without which we could not have accomplished our task.


During the year there were 120 children from 1st to 10th Std., who came for coaching classes in the morning and evening. Most of the teachers are volunteers. Children were provided with nutritious food and other necessities. This year 7 of them passed who had appeared for the 10th Board Examination. During the year many cultural programmes were organized for the children and their families.
National & local festivals like, Children’s day, Teacher’s day, Republic day, International Women’s day, Diwali, Children’s day and Christmas were celebrated. On these days, we had different competitions, street plays, rangoli competitions, drawing, awareness songs, film shows, mono act, poem writing, fancy dress, etc. On the whole the children are helped to grow in an integrated way.
International Women’s Day was celebrated on 8th March 2014 at Good Shepherd Convent hall. About 200 women participated in the programme. The programme was comprised of a talk on women’s rights, entertainment and games.
At the very outset Sr. Pushpa Louis spoke on women’s rights and made them aware of the important role they play in society and that they have equal rights in decision making and implementation along with their partners and are no longer considered inferior to men. She asserted that women need to overcome their fears and stand up for their rights, look for solutions and seek help when required. The programme held for the domestic workers commenced with the lighting of the lamp followed by a prayer dance. Indian dances were performed by tribal women and children.
The second half of the programme was interesting as it was informative. The Nurses of Hinduja Hospital who were invited for the function put up a skit depicting how women have been subject to physical, emotional and intellectual exploitation, where there is supposed to be progressive thinking and development. The skit which was enacted brought out the various stages of torture a woman goes through like Rape, sexual harassment, physical and mental abuse at home and around them which leads to murder. The short play motivated the women to believe in themselves, to stand up and fight for their dignity.
They were guided how to handle situations and whom they could approach in case they were targeted by ruthless men in society. They were made to realize that they are not weak and have the capacity to move towards their goal and their strength can help them overcome incredible obstacles in their life The last part of the programme was fun and frolic.
A few games were conducted, where the young and old participated and enjoyed thoroughly. Spot prizes were also given away at intervals to boost up the enjoyment level. There was also a session of dancing. Finally came to the prize distribution and serving snacks.
This year we had organized the summer camp for the Anandini slum development project children and chalice sponsored children at Good shepherd convent hall. Almost 80- 90 children participated in the camp every day. The summer camp started on 7th April 2014 from 9.00am to 5.00 pm. At 9.00am to 9.30 am we had regular prayer and learning Bhajans taught by Sr. Aruna 9.30 we had daily yoga taught by Mrs.Raksha, She taught them various asanas (exercises) which will help them to concentrate better in their studies.
Since these children are very hyper active they need to do these exercises regularly.Every day at 10.00 am we had regular spoken English classes for all the children taken by our regular teachers. From 11.00 am to 1.00 pm Mrs.Minothi Chatterji taught them craft. She taught them to make friendship bands with ordinary rubber bands, Diwali decorations, wall hangings, making of pots and she taught another interesting thing for children that are to make different sandwiches.
When the parents are away the children can easily make sandwiches for themselves which is very nutritious. Children participated happily and came up with different ideas and took interest in learning. They were served delicious lunch every day and this was supported by our parish SSC community.
In the afternoon between 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm we had value education by Mrs.Yasmin to all children under 10 and Mrs Radha Sinha to children under 20. Children learnt and practiced good values and at the end of the day they learnt how to make earrings, bracelets and other ornaments taught by Dr. Gail Chowdary.
Dr. Laitha Bhat & Dr. Vedathi Packiam conducted health awareness camps and health check up on common illnesses and HIV/AIDS. They were given treatment according to their illnesses. She taught them certain home remedies and how to take care of themselves from the summer heat. On the whole it was a very knowledgeable experience for the children and they were very grateful to the organizers.
We are in contact with almost 200 domestic workers boys and girls. This year we have helped 34 of them to open an account with Citizen Credit Cooperative Bank. As a group they have monthly savings and they take loan whenever they need the money.
First Sunday of ever Social Apostolate: Good Shepherd Social Action Ministry works to Prevent the Second generation prostitution and to protect women and children from the threats of human trafficking by defending their rights and dignity, providing a safe environment like boarding, day care centre, night shelter, supporting their education , health, psycho social care and leading major advocacy efforts.
We continue extend our service to girls and children who are at high risk and educate them by accommodating in our shelter Home. The Day care centre and Night shelter in Bhiwandi open for women and children to drop in at any time. We provide Non- formal education to mainstream them to formalschool. We render our services to women engaged in Prostitution at Bhiwandi, Thane area and work towards anti-human trafficking.
As we assess the past one year we realize we have been able to accomplish most of the objectives through the project activities according to the action plan. During the past one year we focused mainly on Increase awareness, Prevention, Protection , Rehabilitation Capacity building, Networking and Advocacy to retain the human dignity, consequently to obtain the integral development of women and children.
Every alternative month health check-ups are done. All the children were screened for HIV/AIDS. Two of them were found positive and placed them in other Boarding.
We had 9 supplenmenrty classes. 284 children come every day to these centres. Children enjoy coming to supplementary classes. Here it is taught in a different ways. Different subject is taught with lots of creativity. Children learn the lessons through games, different activities, learning with clay materials, charts, drawings, etc.... They use natural things like, stones, leaves to learn maths.
Children show Keen interest in going to school everyday. Supplementary teacher sees to that all the children go to school, sometimes she herself go with the children to their school. School teachers are very happy with the performance of children. Children have learned to be clean and nit, thus they go to school clean and tidy. Because of the supplementary classes we can see that there are less dropouts.
We have three Bal Sansad, where children have saved some money to help other children to buy their educational materials. Every three months we have parent’s teachers meeting, during this meeting we evaluate children’s performance and encourage parents to send their children everyday to school and supplementary classes. We also discuss other issues of the village like, panyayat raj, Rationing, health, Government schemes etc...
In the month of November we had our children’s day celebration. About 225 children from different villages came together; they presented dance, songs and drams.
It was based on different topic, like education, health and gender sensitization, awaking awareness on different problems of children and society.
Day ended with lunch and every child was given a small gift. Every other celebrations like, Christmas, Independence Day, Republic and other national festivals were celebrated in the centres.
In the beginning of the year we had 46 children in the chalice programme. In the month ofMay other 53 new applications were send, 52 children were sponsored in the month of June and July. By August 2013 we had 93 children in the programme. .3 of them had written their 10th STD exam and passed with good marks. 7 of them are doing their 11th & 12 th. During this year we lost 2 children. One child died with fever and Manjula who was raped and killed. Two of our Chalice children are working and they are retired from the programme. During the year other 5 of them have retired.

International Women's Day in Mumbai was celebrated in a very grand scale. Before the actual celebration our women had prepared very well to celebrate this day in a very meaningful way. Each group had prepared banners, hand outs and role plays to create awareness on the rights of women specially the rights of Domestic Workers.

The celebrations began taking a rally around the main city of Mumbai shouting slogans about domestic workers' rights and the harassment faced at their work places. Some of the slogans were "we are asking for our rights but not begging from you all, give us just wages, holidays and other benefits like the organized sectors". Around 500 women took part in the rally walking in the scorching sun forgetting all their worries and raising their voices against injustice done to them. Our Nation cannot be called as developed, when the women are not given their equal rights. Without women's participation every work is incomplete, fulfill all our rights, empowerment of women is empowerment of Nation, and Stop violence against girls and women. After the two hours of rally they were served with refreshing cool drinks.

At 2.00 pm we had a public function. The local MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) Mr. Ameet Satam was the chief guest. Most of the domestic workers were migrants from different states of India. Since Mumbai is known as an economic capital there are lots of job opportunities: the families migrate from rural areas to Mumbai like city to earn their daily bread. The government has lots of schemes for women but they are not able to avail the benefits of it since they do not have the necessary documents. We specially called this MLA of our area so that he will help our women get the documents. He promised that he will do the needful for our women.

The Nursing students from P.D. Hinduja Nursing College put up a very beautiful and meaningful role play on gender equality. Our work experience candidates also had displayed a play on domestic violence and how they need to approach the police personal for help immediately. The members of Rotary club of Green city Mumbai had attended the programme and the President gave them a motivational talk on entrepreneurship for women to become economically independent.

Women took a pledge to support the other women when they are in difficulties and uphold one another Three women were honoured for regularly attending a non formal education centre and now are able to read and write after a year of hard work and great determination. In Mumbai day by day the violence against women and girls are on the increase. We had prepared a folder containing all the contact numbers of police and other Help lines and distributed to all the women " 24 Hours HELPLINE FOR WOMEN IN MUMBAI AND TO STOP! CRIME & VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN & CHILDREN". When they are faced with harassment and difficulties they can approach the concerned authorities for help and support.

We also distributed the Helpline folders to our hostilities, student nurses of Holy Spirit hospital, St. Teresa's D. Ed College students and Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work students

The Women's Day celebrations created a great impact on the lives of all women who attended the function. They went home with the message of UN's theme for INWD 2016 " Planet 50-50 by 2030. Set it up for Gender Equality

Sr. Pushpa Louis

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